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The name Kiri was first commercialized in 1998 when Shree Pravin Bhai Kiri founded Kiri Industries LTD with his son Manish Kiri. Since  then,  Kiri Industries  has grown  to become one of the world's largest dyes and textiles players, with a market cap of more than $650 million USD.


Today Kiri Cosmetics is the venture founded by Pravin Bhai's daughter Amisha and grandson Shivendra.  Focusing primarily on private labelling, their dream is to be represented in every outlet, not through their brand.  But as the manufacturing partner of the leading brands. 

Green Juices
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Shivendra Bhardwaj

Is a graduate of marketing and finance from Fordham University, New York has Successfully led innovative efforts to modernize systems and operations and grow the company’s business overseas. A firm believer in Indian ingenuity, he has returned to India full-time because he wants Indian s and the Indian economy to benefit From the fruits of his labor. Hopefully, inspiring other NRIs to bring their businesses to India.

Amisha Kiri Hitt

She is a graduate of chemistry.  She has nearly 

25 years of experience in the beauty industry, having successfully owned and operated a chain of 10+ luxury beauty spas in New York. An expert in all things beauty, she brings a rich techno-marketing  experience that allows us to make products that are well-received by the market.

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