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Liquid Eye Liner

Accentuate your eyes with our waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner. Experience lasting definition that defies elements, ensuring your look stays flawless.

Gel eyeliner.png
Gel Eyeliner

Define your eyes with our gel-based eyeliner. Enjoy smooth application and long-lasting, intense color for a stunning, expressive look.


Intensify your gaze with our kajal eyeliner. Experience deep, smudge-resistant color that adds a touch of mystique to your eyes.


Transform your lashes with our waterproof, long-lasting mascara. Enjoy dramatic volume and length that remains stunning throughout the day.


Enhance your eyes with our versatile eyeshadow collection. Discover a spectrum of rich pigments for stunning, creative looks.

Brow Enhancers

Elevate your brows with our eyebrow enhancer. Define and shape effortlessly for naturally striking, beautifully framed eyes.

Eye Shadow Primer

Prep for perfection with our eyeshadow primer. Achieve crease-free, vibrant color that stays stunning from morning to night.

Eye primer.png
Eye Makeup Remover

Gently remove eye makeup with our effective remover. Experience clean, refreshed skin without harshness, even for waterproof products.

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