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Gel Eye Liner

Gel Eye Liner


The product is formulated in a gel form for ease of application but when it dries it gives extraordinary vivid hues of color.
  • You’ll be able to line or paint your eyelids with ease, and have a look that won’t budge or smudge all day.

  • It can be used in combination with other gel shades to customize a “look” for any occasion.

  • The gel brush and a light touch can create an intensely dark line or a fine wisp of color.

  • It could also be layered with other colors for more dramatic shade and staying power.

  • Using a brush or finger tip as an applicator, apply over entire lid as a shadow that will last all day or through the night.
  • Using in combination with our angled brush, fill brush with gel. Wipe off excess on the inside rim (helps to save the product and inproves definition).
  • Paint along lash line as desired for a smudge free eyeliner.
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