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Matte Foundation


This fresh, rich liquid foundation formula was created for easy application and smooth even coverage. Includes a full spectrum of colors for all skin combinations. May be applied over a light moisturizer for those with dry skin and may be powdered by those with excessive oily skin.
  • Glides on without streaking or caking.
  • May be applied with fingertips, a dry or moist sponge or a special synthetic hair brush that creates a smooth shine-free canvas.
  • Shades may be mixed to create a custom blend if necessary.
  • Long wearing foundation that dries quickly to a matte finish.
  • High coverage.
Apply over entire face with fingertips, wedge sponge or foundation brush for a smooth finish.

USE WITH: Prep skin prior to applying foundation with a great moisturizer and primer. Moisturizer suggestions Normalizing Moisture Cream, Peptide Cream, Regenerative Daily Moisturizer to name a few. 
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