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Product R&D

We bring your ideas to life from refining your initial idea to getting your finished product into your customers’ hands including:

  • Source & Test Raw Materials

  • Find & test appropriate Product Packaging

  • Verify Marketing Claims

  • Perform Stability & Shelf Life Studies

  • Verify your product meets government and industrial regulations

  • Produce Small Batches to show Investors, Distributors, Manufacturers, or for use at Trade Shows

  • Perform Scale up and Manufacturing Support


Deformulation & Reformulation

We can troubleshoot your existing formulation and deliver a cost-effective solution to modify it.

  • Reverse engineer, replicate, and modify existing products.

  • We have helped customers expand their product lines through deformulation and reformulation services on existing products. This saves time as well as costs as reverse engineers a competing product that you like, in order to have it reformulated adding

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